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Digital X – Ray Diagnostics

X-ray is an indispensable diagnostic support tool which has been used in medicine and stomatology for decades. The modern (digital) approach respecting the needs of modern dental diagnostics has become a reality in our country as well.

The advantages of digital radiology:

  • Reduces radiation 50-90%.
  • More precise and sharper image.
  • No chemicals are used in the process of the production of the picture
  • Shorter production time, by this keeping the patient
  • The possibility of permanent archiving
  • The carrier of X-ray images can be a film, photo paper or CD
  • If the carrier is a CD the possibility of computer manipulation of the region of interest by the therapis
  • Measurement of various anatomical structures in real proportions: width of the alveolar ridge, height of the alveolar ridge, length of the root canal of the teeth, the size of a tumor or cyst…

Possible techniques of filming:

Normal with Temporo-mandibular jointsS02451-800x423
enlarged in 25%, without TM joints16-angela-800x415 
OPT – Children, reduced radiation field  iVA-800x524
Recording of the maxillary sinusSinis-max-800x407 
Recording of the Temporo-Mandibular jointsTM-800x407  
Dental tooth recording (retroalveolar) S00642

The advantages of the digital radiology are obviously multiple. However, respecting the preferences and habits of a number of dentists, it can be done in the standard version on a classic X-ray film!

Apparatus for digital panoramic imaging methods and accurate diagnosis is the tomograph MORITA Veraviewepocs 2D.

Each patient is provided with protection against radiation of X-rays, such as impregnated clothing that is in accordance with local regulations, and appropriate infection control procedures.