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Our clinic is internationally recognized.


  • Stomatoloska komora Srbije (Serbia)
  • Nobel Biocare Fellowship Program (International)
  • EACMFS – European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery (International)
  • EDA – European Dental Association (International)
  • EOS – European Orthodontic Society (International)
  • MFE – Magyar Fogorvosok Egyesűlete (Hungary)

The warranty will be considered valid if the patient adheres to the instructions given by our dentists.

The following warranties are valid:

  • Metal-ceramic and zircon-ceramic crowns and abutment – 3 years
  • Prettau zircon-ceramic crowns and abutment – 5 years
  • Nobel Biocare implants – 10 years (manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Alpha Bio implants – 10 years (manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Mobile dentures – 2 years
  • Zircon decoration on a tooth – ½ years

The warranty will not be considered valid in following cases:

  • Prosthetic work gets damaged due to incorrect use or not adhering to the recommendation of usage (breakage due to a fall, breakage due to biting a solid object, etc.)
  • The patient does not adhere to the dentist’s recommendations related to oral hygiene
  • The patient does not show up for the check up at least once during a 12 month period
  • The patient has an illness which has influence on the state of teeth, gums, bones and jaw
  • The patient receives treatment at another dental clinic before the complaint
  • Damage occurs due to a sport injury, fall or due to influence of another person
  • Abuse of tobacco and narcotics
  • Damage due to bruxism
  • Complaints related to teeth whitening
  • Complaints related to a patient’s previous choice of teeth color (Patient may choose a color of her teeth during prosthetic work. We can not be held liable for the patient’s bad choice.)
  • Complaints related to the work done on the root of a tooth (Endodontia is an intervention with a high risk of failure. Due to the anatomical differences, even with the most advanced technology available we can not guarantee success for this intervention.)
  • Payment obligations are not fully settled.