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Mórahalom is a dynamically developing town in Hungary located 40 km far from Subotica. Mórahalom is best known for its thermal spa.

In the covered and outdoor medicinal water pools (35-39˚C) you can really dip in health. The Elizabeth and Árpád medicinal waters can be used to cure arthrosic and arthritic diseases as well as vertebral diseases, muscle rheumatism and gynaecological diseases. In this year the repertoire of Mórahalom has been completed with two more medicinal water pools. The Saint László and the Hunyadi Mátyás medicinal water have a significant amount of minerals.

The iodic water, which is rich in minerals, officially gained medicinal water rating in 1999. The clinical examinations carried out during the process of qualifying the thermal water as medicinal water proved the curative effect of the Spa’s water on knee- and shoulder joint diseases, that is why the Spa deserves being called as the “centre of knee and shoulder”.

In the medicinal spa more than 30 types of treatment are available for the patients. The Spa provides the rheumatologic medical examination, physiotherapy and non-water medical treatments. Choose as you like from wide range of wellness and fitness offers, try unique light therapeutic “Caracalla” massage bath, and keep yourself in shape in fitness room upstairs. In the building a hairdresser’s, a beauty salon, a solarium and a manicure-pedicure also offer their services to the guests.