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Town of Kanjizha is a town near Subotica well known for one of the best spa health centers in Serbia “Banja Kanjizha”. Generations of people have been visiting Kanjizha’s baths since the early 20th century. The water was used to treat illnesses of muscles, joints, nerves and to treat rheumatic illnesses.

Currently Kanjizha spa is a modern medical center providing it’s visitors with many rehabilitation treatments, recreational activities, prevention programs, a restaurant, wellness therapies and more. Visitors can use the spa’s swimming pool and a sauna, outdoor tennis courts, a gym and more. Spa Kanjizha offers it’s visitors a number of various therapies such as balneotherapy, electrotherapy, magneto therapy, thermotherapy, kinesitherapy and massages. Visitors are welcome to try out a modern wellness center which offers relaxation treatments with natural resources such as: thermo aroma therapy, algae therapy, choco-mint therapy and more. Kanjizha is a lovely place for anyone seeking a relaxing therapy to soothe the body and the mind.

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