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Dental Tourism | Why You Should Fix Your Teeth in Serbia

It is a well-known fact that dental services around the world vary, and can be several times more expensive in relation to dental services in Serbia. Accordingly, dental tourism has become very popular in Serbia because of the low price and the high quality of services.

dental tourism
Dental Tourism

Year after year, an increasing number of foreigners come to Serbia for vacation but also for dental services because the prices of these services are much cheaper than in Western Europe.

One study showed that in 2008 about 70,000 Britons traveled abroad for dental tourism, and that this number is constantly increasing. Some of them were guests in our dental office, and besides the British, our frequent patients are Germans, Swedes and Dutch, and they are usually interested in placing crowns, bridges and implants, as well as cosmetic dentistry.

Why dental tourism in Serbia?

The answer is simple, due to significantly lower prices with high quality dental care. Price-quality ratio in Serbia is much more favorable than in most EU countries. For many, dental tourism is a great solution because it will get you quality services at affordable prices and you will have the opportunity to get to know the cultural and historical heritage of Serbia and its capital Belgrade.

The most popular terms for dental tourism are during the holiday season, when visitors wish to combine something beautiful and useful.

Visitors coming to Serbia get top dentists and excellent materials which is much more affordable than in their own countries.

Serbian dentists are well known for their expertise, modern offices and affordable prices of dental services – some dental interventions cost up to 75% less than in most European countries and USA.

Prices of dental services in Serbia

Compared to Western Europe and USA, prices for individual dental services in Serbia are up to three times lower.

The cost of dental services in Serbia, together with the return ticket from European cities and even from America and Canada, is often much less than the cost of dental services in Western Europe and America.

For example, the price of a return flight ticket from London to Belgrade, can be purchased for £120. The same dental service, such as root canal treatment, which costs £350 – £500 in UK, costs only £100 in Serbia. See the table below:

UK Serbia
Airplane £0 £120
Transfer £0 £0
Accommodation £0 £0
4 root canals treatment 4 x £400 = £1600 4 x £100 = £400
Tourist visits £0 £300
Total £1600 £820

You save 50% for a minor treatment like this one and you have a chance to visit Serbia. The savings for more complicated procedures, such as dental implants, are in the thousands of pounds.

Installation of five implants in Germany can cost more than 15.000 Euros. In Serbia, it ranges from 3.000 – 4.000 Euros.

While the inspection and consultation with a dentist in Germany and the UK cost up to 100 euros in Serbia this service is charged about 30 euros, but it is often offered for free.

A composite crown in UK, in private practice, can cost up to 600 euros, while in Serbia it is about 220.

Fixed prosthesis cost more than 3.000 euros, while in Serbia the price ranges from 600 to 1.000 euros.

The price of a metal-free ceramic crown in our dental clinic costs 400€ and in Western Europe it can cost as much as 1.500 €. The difference is obvious, and the quality is guaranteed the same, confirmed by a large number of our patients from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Austria who are more than satisfied with the organized medical tourism in our dental office.

See the table below with some comparative prices in Serbia and UK:

 Classification UK Serbia
Common Treatments
Extractions £105 – £150 £35 – £50
Root canal treatment £280 – £530 £14 – £100
Complex Treatments
Composite crown £280 – £420 £160
Porcelain crown £490 £280
Porcelain Veneers £350 £170
Specialist Treatment
Implants £1050 – £2400 £420 – £550
Full denture £450 – £530 £175 – £350

When you arrive…

In our dental clinic, you will be surrounded by friendly and professional staff with a lot of experience and knowledge to ensure that you return home from Serbia satisfied with healthy and shining teeth.

If you arrive to Subotica by car, we can book a hotel for you near our clinic that has its own parking lot where you can reside at the time of intervention. We can also organize visits to the city with the help of a professional guide.

If you arrive by plane to Belgrade or Budapest, we offer free transfer for you from the airport to the hotel and back.

We also have several apartments we can provide just for our patients who come from abroad and remain in it as long as the intervention lasts. This accommodation is free of charge.

Before your arrival, you need to contact us by phone or email, in order to tell us what problems you have and the dates when you can visit. If you have x-rays and other documents, send us an email so we can give you more precise information about the process, the time it takes, and how much it would cost. After your arrival and completion of procedures, you receive an invoice, with which you can apply for a part refund of the service through your insurance.

In our work we use modern materials and procedures, which follow world standards, with the emphasis on the experience of our team.

For your pleasant stay and quick recovery after the procedure our clinic’s offer consists of the following:

  • Free apartment accommodation in the city center.
  • Transport to / from the airport
  • An English speaking guide, for sightseeing in our city.
  • Mobile phone with a local number to facilitate exercise of communication.
  • A translator (English or mother tongue) if necessary.
  • We provide invoices for foreign citizens.
  • Payment by installments.
  • For larger jobs we provide additional discounts.

In addition, our staff will be at your disposal 24/7 for advice, questions and other concerns.

Dental services we provide:


We can organize package deals, ranging from air tickets, accommodation and transportation services in Serbia, as well as entertainment and tourist sightseeing for the duration of your stay. The organization of the above you get free as our a patient.

You just have to send us X-ray footage and you can get a complete individual offer and the possibility of repairing the situation with your teeth. It is important to note that prices are subject to agreement, especially for large procedures (the price offer will always be made in advance), which puts us ahead of dental clinics for dental tourism in Serbia.

You will also get an invoice, on the basis of which you can apply for refunds in your home country.

Our dentist office strives to meet all your requirements and always to be available for any questions and suggestions.

We stand behind every dental service we provide to our patients and support it with a warranty. The following warranties are valid:

  • Metal-ceramic and zircon-ceramic crowns and abutment – 3 years
  • Prettau zircon-ceramic crowns and abutment – 5 years
  • Nobel Biocare implants – 10 years (manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Alpha Bio implants – 10 years (manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Mobile dentures – 2 years
  • Zircon decoration on a tooth – ½ years

See more about warranties.

About Serbia

If you decide to come to Serbia for your dental treatment we will accomodate you with pleasure in our clinic in Subotica. The City of Subotica is located on the north of of Serbia. Rich cultural heritage assets, lavishly decorated buildings, multicultural spirit and European charm – these are the features that make this city distinctive. Subotica is known for its relaxed atmosphere, good food and quality wines.

Subotica was marked as a must-to-visit city in 2014 by New York Times with an emphasis on Palic wine route. Lake Palić is 8 kilometres east of Subotica. Palić offers something new, unrepeatable and enriching at any season. Outstanding facilities from the beginning of the 20th century: the Water Tower, the Grand Terrace, the Women’s Lido and the Music Pavilion, the splendid park, the well-known lake, peace and silence make Palić an ideal space for rest and relaxation.

Also we offer various dental vacation packages and excursions to Belgrade and Novi Sad so check them out too.

For more information about tourism see Subotica Tourist Info Center and National Tourism Organisation of Serbia.

Some useful Information about Serbia:

Capital Belgrade – over 1.16m population
Climate Continental in the north, Adriatic climate in the south
Calling code +381
Official language Serbian, but almost everyone can communicate in basic English
National currency Dinar (RSD)*
Coinages 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 RSD
Paper bills 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 5000 RSD
Accepted credit cards Visa, American Express, Master Card and Diners
Time zone CET(UTC+1)
Useful phone numbers Police – 192, Fire brigade – 193, Ambulance – 194

*Currency exchange is performed by all the banks, all the post offices and great number of exchange offices (‘Menjačnica’ in Serbian) which are always marked in English. With them you can get slightly better exchange rates than in the banks.

14 thoughts on “Dental Tourism | Why You Should Fix Your Teeth in Serbia”

  1. l require 2 lower mouth implants, one left side, one right side, possible cost to me as l live in London, England and would obviously have to travel to Belgrade.

  2. Hi, I’m looking into getting some bridges done. 3 teeth missing right upper jaw, 2 missing lower left side and 1 missing lower right side. A crown is also needed on a tooth on the left upper side. Would it be possible to get an estimated price please? Thank you

  3. I am in need of 2 lower back left, 1 upper back left, 1 upper right teeth implants. I have a missing crown upper right in the back (post feels like its just about gone), maybe a couple cavities and veneers due to medication damage (teeth have been gray since beginning).
    Please provide me with an estimate of service pricing so I may begin to save my funds.
    Thank you.
    Mary Love

    1. Hi Mary,

      Please send us your dental X-ray so we can give you more precise estimate, in the meantime you can take a look at our price list for general costs.

      Best regards,


  4. Hello,
    My wife and I would like to receive information about your dental implants.
    We would also like to know if you have an ” all inclusive ” (including air transportation from and to the US) packages available.
    Thank you very much for your time,
    James Precious

    1. Hello James,

      We have all inclusive packages available for our patients that includes transportation and accomodation. The price offer is made for each visitor individually, depending on their preferences. Please check your email for further details.

      Best regards,


  5. Hi,
    Can you please advise how much it would be for 4 dental implants?
    Need to travel from Australia to Belgrade.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Hello Tatjana,

      Price for Nobel Biocare implant is 780,00 € (best quality), but if you want more precise estimate please send us your dental scan.

      Best regards,


  6. hi im shaun mc namee and i need 2 implants one on each side on my top of my mouth can you send me details of a tourist package

  7. I would like to know the price for a top fixed denture please, and also your contact to discuss it further.
    Thanking you

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